You could eat a wonderfully nutritious diet, practice biofeedback, yoga, meditation, and do a host of other healthful things for yourself, but without some vigorous aerobic exercise none of them would give you the optimum health you are looking for.

Our bodies need oxygen. We cannot go for more than five minutes without it.

The 'Modern' Lifestyle
Many years ago, humans had to use their bodies a great deal. It was necessary to run, walk, and lift every day just to survive.

Today, with cars, planes, boats and appliances we only use a small percentage of the physical power with which we are endowed.

Exercise increases the metabolism, which helps to send blood, oxygen and essential nutrients to all part of the body, including the brain.

Raise Your Heartbeat
To make sure your brain and nervous system get this important energy, get some aerobic exercise anything that will raise the heartbeat.

Walking, jogging, running, hiking, bicycle riding, racquetball, tennis, swimming, dancing, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, jumping rope, and garden work are some good examples of this.

Outdoor Benefits
Notice that many of these forms of exercise are outdoor activities.

This is ideal, since you will be getting some of the invaluable vitamin D from the sun and some fresh oxygen while you are toning up your muscles.

Transportation Safety
If you don't drive, then walking or riding a bicycle can accomplish two things at once! You can travel to your destination while getting some healthful exercise.

You will need to decide when it is safe to ride a bicycle. If you're still having a lot of seizures, you should wait until you're confident that you won't have a seizure while riding your bike.

A backpack will come in handy for the times when you need to carry groceries or other items. You might try going to the grocery store two or three times a week so you can fit everything into the backpack.

Positive Effects
People who spend some time keeping fit usually show an increased ability to manage stress, have better eating habits, feel happier, and are more self-confident.

My book has many more ideas about how you can fit healthy exercise into your routine, helping you manage stress and optimize your health to minimize seizures.