Making positive statements to yourself (affirmations) can be a valuable method for increasing your self-esteem, confidence and well being.

Any or all of the things described in this book can contribute to your well being, and if you believe in yourself the results will be quicker and more lasting.

Mental Chatter
We have a tendency to talk to ourselves constantly, as you're probably very much aware if you have tried to meditate or quiet your mind. The subconscious mind records all this "chatter" and uses it as it thinks it's meant to be used.

The subconscious cannot discriminate between negative and positive information. For this reason it is important to notice what you are saying, which many times is a common phrase that you don't even mean.

Repetitive Sayings
If you have epilepsy, notice your repetitive sayings. See if you use the expression,"I about had a fit," or "I could have fainted," or "I about passed out," or "I can't stand any more of that."

Even if someone else says, "She just threw a fit!" your subconscious hears those phrases, and if repeated enough times, may act on them.

When you are conscious of yourself or someone else using a phrase like this, say to yourself,"I won't really have a fit or seizure. I'm only surprised." (or angry, shocked, frustrated, etc.) Or simply say,"Cancel."

Suggested Affirmations
An affirmation you might use is, "I am free of seizures now." or "My brain cells are working in perfect harmony."

Say the affirmation each day and say it aloud when you can. The brain is most open to suggestions when it is producing very slow brain waves, such as right after meditation, just before falling asleep or right after awakening.

Repeat any combination of statements which sound like they fit your needs. A good rule is to begin with,"I am," add a few words,and end with the word, "now."

Positive and In The Present
Affirmations should be positive and in the present tense. If you believe the statements you will see results very quickly. Even if you don't quite believe what you're saying to yourself, the statements will have an effect.

It's not unusual to be skeptical at first; but if the affirmations are repeated enough times, your subconscious mind will finally start to come in line.

Read my book for a more complete description of the value of positive thought and affirmation in balancing your mind and body to help minimize epileptic seizures. What I write about, I have used in my own life.